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Why We Change?

  • Problem#0

    System old have bug example when you go out. Or out from labs you can come back!.

  • Problem#1

    System with in cloud not much organize. And Some Cloud USELESS.

  • Problem#2

    Staff can give key to unstaff to access nur1labs.

  • Problem#3

    Leecher from staff is big and make server overload.

  • Problem#4

    Files unregister can download and run.

  • Resolve#0

    No Office But Keep Staff Links. So they can used labs server.

  • Resolve#1

    Hide main server location for non-staff access denied.

  • Resolve#2

    Hide main server location for non-staff access denied.

  • Resolve#3

    Crypto system Applied @cloud and Labs Systems.

  • Resolve#4

    Upgraded Financial system to Cryptocurrency.

People Behind

Hatta Yuthafiga

Founder Nur1Labs.

Abdul Fatah

Chief Executive Officer Nur1Labs.

Yuka Yuthafiga

Chief System Officer.