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About Us


Ok lets we start until when I small I like computer until now. First start born my self made as organization April 13rd 1999. As VC(Virus Community) and that running even I like do something about looking or repairing. In year April 14th 2000 build AHC(Antivirus Human Child) and not long change again Dec 22nd 2000 become BCA(Batch Comp Assemble). After 1 year pending running and gone. In April 21st 2003 build OGU(Organization Graphic Unit) and after that February 22nd 2004 build OHC(Organization Hacker Link) and grow up until 2005. In January 15th 2006 born ORC(Organization Robotic Community). But site grow when I collage, then after long progress. I made I become once it’s O2PSOFT.TM born in May 31th 2006 and opening when I do celebrate birthday May 31st 2006. Next O2PSOFT.TM not change but split become instance. June 19th 2009 born GameCore(Game Instance) but in 2010 system got hacking and made crash, there I choice used SELF DESTRUCTION(Destroy Self System). In January 21st born ORC with name Ultimate become ORC UT(Ultimate). In April 21st 2010 born again ORC same as OHC become OHCSoft UT(Ultimate). Month form January – May that is become ORCSoft UT(Division Robotic), OHCSoft UT(Division Hacker), GameCore UT(Division GameCore). And now have structure division like counselor(they handle project, running and process project). In November 20th 2010 born HFLinux division for linux handler. End December we not play FB anymore. Born again 4HZS.corp January 18th 2011. All handler project main is 4HZS.corp. We happy after we celebrate born LabsArt October 25th 2011 become our instance. LabsArt is instance do art and animation 2d like one piece and LUSABU,etc. And in January 14th 2012 new name instance for born Albopicus. And we joined BBMGC in some month and after that gone. In May 10th 2012 born MGC.Inc or as Multi Gaming Center. In September 8th 2012 MGC.Inc become WAL.Inc or as Without Any Loginc as Owner Anton Galuzo. January 1st 2012 born GameCore Split. And Network Instance not worked yet close in December 15th 2012. And in January 1st 2013 MGC and release Alveim Online. And handled project by O2PSoftLabs.


July 18th name change is announce become Nur1Labs. August 1st 2013 The GInjutsu Labs born as replaced LabsArt. Then August 20th 2013 Albopictus change by UArea. Before UArea named temporary as U2 June 13rd 2013. In September 2013 Alveim Online Closing and October 10th 2013 born Chromium Team lead by Agung Tri Wahyudi. November 20th 2013 New system applied where Founder no need meet costumer or client. But as helper and support in project. Build then as Branch Owner System as lead team is Agung Tri Wahyudi as Owner RF Chromium. After December 2014 project ended in UArea. Impact January – February in The Ginjutsu nor UArea is Global Crysis. And Headquater too. Even income small grow still have.May 31st 2015 Nur1Labs born for used new system replace old as “Zero”. June 1st 2015 implemeted @whole instance. January 1st Born new LilinArts as instance of art, manga and anime. Then born too Otaku Group as announce February 15th 2016. After that many changing and team as CEO is Tezar Septian. Changing and builder every system born February 20th 2016. But after that CEO 2016 with new system Bentemaru and Release AALS as named is "Hakua". After end by end growing when DiGIVil patent born December 1st 2016. And end February 20th 2016 born new motto “100% Cloud” taken by Telkom Indihome “100% Fiber”. April 1st 2016 almost half percent system Nur1Labs become cloud. After that new project like Pruit Dragon(March 5 2016) announce. And Founder and CEO agree to spread whole country. April 29th 2016 born new branch Otaku Group. After that make CEO fail to implemented new system to new and drop out broke investment. Then Founder run self.


January 1st system cloud used 2015-2016 era in change make complex. And become MDT where system make easy for staff not hard collect client data and updates. January 5th 2017 born LUA(Literature Unique Arts) and January 6th born BitLabs for finance handle Digital Currency. And January 10th 2017 new announce new staff. And January 15th 2017 after Bitcoin peak HZ come to join and build again. Main CEO join January 10th 2017 where make great for 2017. Joined again from old past time Bekty Fahrandika and JenFatur Rahman January 31st 2017.

People Behind

Hatta Yuthafiga

Founder Nur1Labs.

Abdul Fatah

Chief Executive Officer Nur1Labs.

Yuka Yuthafiga

Chief System Officer.